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Tax Free Strategies

Find out how you can maximize your potential returns with tax-free strategies

Setting money aside for future potential growth is a smart idea. This allows you to set aside money for a goal or for retirement. The problem many investors face, is when it comes time to take the money out and use it, you have to pay Uncle Sam a portion of that money. Different taxable rates exist, but it is generally understood that you will be paying the taxes on the earned interest at your normal tax rate.

By using retirement accounts, such as a traditional IRA, or a Roth IRA, you can take the edge off taxes and use more of your money for maintaining a happy lifestyle in retirement. However, you still have to pay taxes (when you take the money out in a traditional IRA, or on the money you put in, in a Roth IRA). Plus you have restrictions on when you can access the money, or else pay extra to the IRS.

However, there are certain strategies where you can access your financial returns tax free. These strategies can allow you to accumulate funds and not lose a portion of the money to the IRS.

Many educated and big time investors use these strategies to grow wealth and their estates. It is no "secret" as they are openly known, but the strategies are often buried with incorrect information and poor advice.

You can get and use these strategies and investments, and grow your resources in the most tax-advantaged ways possible.

Kfir Cohen Financial Consultant

Understanding all aspects of tax-free investment strategies and tailoring these plans to your unique situation is something Kfir Cohen is an expert at. If you wish to not have to pay out a large percentage of your money to the government and instead have it for yourself, schedule an appointment with Kfir to get all the information and a plan laid out for you.