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Retirement Planning

Retire with confidence with expert retirement planning

Planning for retirement is important whether you are just entering this phase of your life or whether you are young. It is something that if done correctly you can have confidence and enjoy your later years without stress. That is why devloping a long-term strategy tailored to your goals and lifestyle, and following that plan, is important for living a financially worry-free life.

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"I didn't know where I was going with my finances or why I never seemed to have any money. After sitting down with Kfir I was able to put together a budget, save money, and now I have so much more financial freedom!" - T.M.

What retirement options do you have?

It is important to have the correct plan in place for your retirement goals. Many individuals depend on their employer sponsored 401k program to be an all-encompassing solution for their later years, only to find that it is inadequate due to inflation or insufficient realized gains.

Social Security retirement payments is another option many elderly individuals who retire fall back on. However, it is common knowledge that social security payments in your later years almost never provides enough to survive on comfortably. Add on top of that the growing number of retirees receiving social security payments which the government is less and less able to fund, and you have an uncertain future with social security.

That is why smart individuals who want to have a comfortable, secure future set aside money for their retirement with other interest-growing long-term accounts. There are many options to maximize your savings, and preserve them so as to last as long as possible. You can create an estate for you and your family, and lessen the tax liabilities that go along with that. Some tactics are common knowledge, such as IRA’s and various broadly advertised mutual funds. But there are also less commonly known avenues for retirement planning and estate building that offer unique benefits, which depending on your situation could provide better long-term advantages.

Many retirement planners are not well-versed in all possible tactics, and focus only on one or two main services. However, when you meet with Kfir Cohen, he can consult with you on your finances and goals and develop a custom retirement plan that provides the means to live your later years to the fullest in your unique situation. 

Kfir Cohen Financial Consultant

Kfir is well versed in all manner of retirement plans, and he takes the time to ensure you are educated in your options. When you meet with Kfir, you will come to understand the best retirement plans for your unique situation and lifestyle, and can make the best decision for what you want to achieve.

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