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One-on-one expert financial analysis so you can meet your life goals

Do you ever find yourself without enough money to do what you want? Do you have trouble saving money? Have you always been planning to set aside for retirement or the future but never gotten started? Well, you aren't alone. Over 51% of Americans do not have enough savings to fall back on in an emergency, and 45% of people nearing retirement feel they'll outlive their money they saved for retirement.

With inflation, unexpected expenses, and a tough economy, it can be hard to manage your money with accuracy and enjoy your life as you want to.

That is why Kfir Cohen as an expert financial consultant makes it his priority to help his clients plan their budgets and finances to actually pay down debts, build savings, and do the things they enjoy at the same time.

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"I didn't know where I was going with my finances or why I never seemed to have any money. After sitting down with Kfir I was able to put together a budget, save money, and now I have so much more financial freedom!" - T.M.

It does not matter where you are at with how much you make, or how fortunate or unfortunate you are with money. Kfir makes it a point to help everyone at all stages of life's financial journey to help them to the next level. He helps educate his clients, each and every one, in principles of money management so their money grows exponentially.

Kfir is so passionate about helping educate and improve his client's financial standing that he provides his financial analysis consultation for free.

Financial analysis services provided:

With all the options out there where to invest your money, it can get pretty confusing. Should you invest in stocks? Crypto currency? Real estate? Mutual funds? To make matters more difficult, there is tons of opinions - many of which are incorrect. Kfir can sit down with you and show you basic investing principles that clarify the whole confusion and put you in the driver's seat of how to invest your money. These are principles that the most savvy and largest investors operate with, and which you can have and use.

Over 80% of Americans are in debt - not counting mortgages. While it may just seem a way of life, it can rapidly get overwhelming if not managed. There can be better ways of having what you want in life with the money you have. The steps of paying off credit cards and managing your debts can be simple, but require an exact plan of actions to follow. We can go over your situation with you and provide you with a tailored plan to resolve your debt issues, plus help walk you through the steps all along the way.

Do you know where all your money goes? It can be shocking when you see your paychecks disappear so quickly, and not know why you have such trouble saving for the future. Kfir is an expert at analyzing your finances with you, and breaking them down and creating a budget, so you know where your money goes and not wasting any, so you can still have what you want, and save for your future goals.

Saving money for the future is vital. You can't always depend on an outside source to provide for you. Things to occur that are unexpected - you need a new roof, a new transmission, a sudden medical expense. Or you may have a planned future expense, like a family vacation, or your child's college fund. Plus, you need to plan for the time when you will not be working in your retirement years. Whatever you are saving for, you need to be regularly setting aside money and having it grow in a potentially better way than what your bank might offer.

You can have savings. We can help. There are exact systems to follow that encourage and grow savings money predictably so you can always meet life's eventualities with the resources necessary to overcome them.

It's okay to have lots of money so you can do what you want and have the nice things in life. Maybe it's the dream house you need a down payment for, or a dream vacation. Perhaps its for a stress-free retirement, or your children's college fund. We can help your financial dreams come true, by creating a plan to accomplish your dream financially, by helping you save and grow your money. 

Whatever your needs are, and from whatever walk of life you come from, Kfir has sound advice he can give you to help you achieve your goals. Plus, he provides his financial consulting service and advice for free. He knows that if you succeed financially, then he has done his job. That is why thousands have already trusted him to provide the advice and guidance necessary to improve their lives, and he has been named as one of the top financial consultants in Tampa Bay and Florida.

Kfir Cohen Financial Consultant

Achieve your financial success with a trusted expert at your side

However you choose to proceed, it is important to understand all aspects of money, finances, investing and saving, and what options you have available. You need a consultant who can stand by your side an help you to get the results you desire. Kfir Cohen is the expert you can trust to help you achieve your goals.